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Autism Educational Solutions is offering PEERS®, a social skills intervention program for adolescents and young adults who exhibit social skill challenges and want to learn how to make and keep friends.  This program is one of the only empirically grounded and ecologically valid approaches to developing the practical social skills needed to experience social success.  Recent research has demonstrated that gains made over the course of this 14 week program are maintained 3-5 years later (Laugeson et al., 2013). We are currently recruiting individuals who are motivated to make and keep friends.  The teen program is appropriate for teens 13-18 years old.  PEERS® is unique and unlike other Social Skills Programs in that it:
• Is evidence-based
• Includes parents
• Teaches ecologically valid social skills (what socially successful teens today do)
• Tailors teaching methods to shared social skills deficits


How to enroll
Enrollment is limited. Regular attendance is imperative. Parent/Caregiver participation is required. Please contact number below.

• Have friendship problems/noted social skill challenges
• Teens in middle school or high school
• Teens must be interested in attending the program

Application and In Take process
1 Call us at (703) 232-1511 to complete a brief confidential phone screen
2 Complete our confidential application following phone screen.
3 Schedule a (parent/caregiver and teen) 1-hour intake home visit to determine if the program is appropriate for you and your teen.